Membership Options

Open Gym


12 Mo. Paid In Full $240.00 

Our open gym membership provides members with access to our facility during all normal business hours.

Team Training

20 Sessions/Mo. $140.00
12 Sessions/Mo. $120.00
8 Sessions/Mo.   $96.00
4 Sessions/Mo.   $60.00 
Drop In Session   $20.00

Our team training classes are very unique to the fitness industry. Our team training members are guided through intense workouts in a safe and intimate environment.

Personal Training

30 min Avg $40.00/session 
60 min Avg $70.00/session

All trainers at Pinellas Ultimate Strength House have a bachelors degree in exercise physiology and hold a nationally accredited certification. We take tremendous pride in hiring only the most qualified trainers for our clients.

Recovery Sessions


Recovery is just as important as training! We offer 20 minute recovery sessions at a very affordable rate. We provide a variety of modalities to our clients during their recovery sessions.

Modalities Include

Percussion Massage (TheraGun), Ice, Heat, Manual Muscle Stretching,  Power Dot Smart Muscle Stimulator


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