Nutrition Coaching

  • Have you ever thought about changing your diet and just don’t know where to begin? 

  • Are you sick of stubborn belly fat and ready to lose some inches? 

  • Have you been working out for a while and not making improvements in the gym anymore?

  • Are you being told by your doctor to get your health under control?



Our nutrition coaches work with you to create a custom meal plan to work with your needs and goals. No cookie-cutter service here! Plans are designed with YOU in mind. 


Nutrition coaches can provide you Macronutrients to do self-tracking or they can provide you an entire meal plan broken up into meals, time of days to eat those meals and the quantity and type of foods. 


It is YOUR job as the client to plan and prep the meals, stick to the diet as best that you can and do weekly check-ins with your Coach. 


It is the Coaches responsibility to evaluate progress and make the necessary weekly adjustments to ensure you are meeting your health and fitness goals. 

Our Nutrition Coaches:

Jordan Brannon 

NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer 

NASM-Certified Nutrition Coach 

Victoria Horsman 

NASM-Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach 

What is included?  


Need to get in touch with a Certified Nutrition Coach?

Email us at!

  • One time per week thorough Check-in’s with your coach to evaluate progress and make adjustments. A coach will respond back within 24 hours of Check-in submission. 

  • 24/7 access to your Nutrition Coach for last-minute adjustments/advice on food choices. 

  • Cardio Prescription 

  • Supplement Guidance 

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