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Open Gym Membership

Personal &
Semi-Personal Training

Youth Athletics Programs

One Week Pass

Online COaching


Open Gym 

Premium ($75):

24/7 Gym Access

Terms & Conditions 

-All memberships have an initial 3 month commitment

-Members must be minimum age of 18 years old.

*An annual gym maintenance fee of $20 will be charged at sign up and then every calendar year from your start date.
*New clients will have to pay $3.00

+ tax for their Digital key download. 


Personal &

Semi-Personal training

All trainers at Pinellas Ultimate Strength House have either a Bachelor's Degree or have completed a comprehensive internship, and hold a Nationally Accredited Certification. We take tremendous pride in hiring and developing only the most qualified trainers for our clients. We have a wide array of trainers with different skill sets.


Personal Training: 

-One on one training with one of our top notch personal trainers

-Both 30 min and 60 min sessions available

-Flexible scheduling

Semi Personal Training:

-Small groups of 2-3

-More training per week at a fraction of the cost

-60 min sessions

-Reach your goals with others working towards the same

*For pre-existing groups of 2-3 who are looking to train together

All Personal or semi personal training members must also purchase an Open Gym Membership. 

Nutrition Coaching

Our nutrition coaches work with you to create a custom meal plan to work with your needs and goals. No cookie-cutter service here! Plans are designed with YOU in mind. 


Nutrition coaches can provide you macronutrients to do self-tracking or they can provide you an entire meal plan broken up into meals, time of days to eat those meals and the quantity and type of foods. 


It is YOUR job as the client to plan and prep the meals, stick to the diet as best that you can and do weekly check-ins with your Coach. 


It is the Coaches responsibility to evaluate progress and make the necessary weekly adjustments to ensure you are meeting your health and fitness goals. 


youth athletics

Our youth athlete programs consist of

  1. The House Youth Athletics Strength and Conditioning

  2. Team Training

  3. Youth Personal Training

 Our program staples are:

  • Strength Training

  • Energy Systems Training 

  • Mobility

  • Stability

  • Evaluation

  • Speed and Agility  

  • Active Recovery and Stretching techniques 

  • Focus on injury prevention

Check out our youth athletics tab for more info, or click the link below to send us an email

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